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2018-01-05 13:41:59
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Glamping in the Wilderness

camping in the back country

Good Food You won't believe you are hundreds of miles from civilization when you sit down to an original MRO menu favorite! Careful planning and attention to detail has allows us a wide variety of menu selections, all of which are unanimous favorites. You'll find our camp cuisine contains a healthy balance of fresh meats, fish and poultry, as well as fresh fruits, vegetables and bread. In addition, each evening meal is preceded by scrumptious hors d'oeuvres, capped off with a dutch oven dessert. We will have plenty of ice to for your favorite beverages to go with these gourmet delights. We offer a flexible menu that varies to reflect our guests' preferences and dietary requirements.

Riverside Dinning Our river kitchen has been custom-designed for the preparation of gourmet meals that rival their city counterparts. All MRO guides take special pride in food preparation. We have found the dutch oven to be ideal for outdoor cooking and have perfected its use. We also supply dining tables and chairs to make your meal an unforgettable and comfortable dining experience.

Wilderness Restroom and Shower Facilities Both rivers offer different challenges, many years of guiding on these rivers has led us to our own system. THe MRO custom wilderness restroom and shower system with privacy and view a priority. Our mission is providing our guests with the maximum degree of comfort and privacy, while still preserving some of the most pristine wilderness found in the lower 48 states.

Fun and Games Don't forget there is much more to do than just swimming and relaxing when we get to camp. Beach games like frisbee, bocce, washers, cards along with other river games. We also provide a library of books on river lore and history.

The Gear Boats Our custom-designed gear boats carry the river kitchen, all the guest camp bags, ice chests, and other camp gear. This allows our guest boats to stay open and free of clutter for a much better ride and a more spacious feeling. Each morning the supply boat is loaded with camp gear, and one of the guides takes the boat to our next camp. The supply boat arrives well ahead of the guests. Upon your arrival at camp each day, you'll find the site completely set up, even your tent will be up, sleeping pad inflated and hot or cold drinks will be waiting. What a life!

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