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2017-07-05 13:42:56
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Tips to Help Ensure Safety on your next Rafting Trip

white water rafting

Whitewater rafting is one of the most fun things you and your family can do this summer. Currently, there are about 700,000 white water paddlers across the United States. Whether you're planning on rafting for the first time or have been taking river rafting trips for years, it's important to ensure that you're staying as safe as possible.

This fun and invigorating outdoor activity is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can be quite dangerous if you're not careful. Here are some great safety tips in order to excel and have a blast during your next whitewater rafting trip:

1. Work with a trusted rafting professional -- The most important thing you can do during your trip is work with a licensed and professional outfitter. These professionals have all kinds of experience and can offer great safety tips prior to your trip. Additionally, they can potentially save lives during emergency situations.

2. Keep your life jacket on -- At all times, you need to make sure you have a quality life jacket strapped in properly. These jackets might not look that fashionable or feel extremely comfortable, but they will save your life. Make sure all buckles are properly clipped and the jacket is fitted snug to your body.

3. Keep a tight grip on the paddle -- Make sure you discuss the proper way to hold the paddle with your outfitter. You should always keep one hand at the base of the paddle on the shaft and the other on the end of the shaft over the "T" grip, which is very strong and can help avoid serious injury.

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4. Remain inside the boat at all times -- This one sounds obvious but it's so imperative to rafting safety that it needs to be mentioned. Do not ever leave the boat for any reason. If you do fall out of the boat, don't panic, try and locate your boat, and grab on to something so you don't float away.

If you're planning on booking a trip to go whitewater rafting with some friends or family, give Mountain River Outfitters a call and get ready to have an amazing time!

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