Hells Canyon Sturgeon and Bass Jet Boat Fishing

Jet Boat Fishing Charter in "Hells Canyon" Snake River

MRO provides private, custom fishing adventures that are exclusive to your group. The Snake River offers an outstanding fishery for smallmouth bass, trout and sturgeon in one of the most unique destinations in the northwest. You can expect to catch 100’s of bass and multiple sturgeon in a day during prime months. White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America, weighing up to 400 pounds and measuring up to 12 feet in length, these prehistoric monsters may live for 100’s of years. Because Hells Canyon offers a catch and release fishery, there is an abundance of oversized sturgeon.

Hells Canyon is a very scenic and historic canyon to explore. There are many things to see and do that will complement your day of fishing if you choose. We guarantee you will have a blast, and your day on the river will be a memorable experience. Everyone will enjoy the warm water, great fishing and spectacular scenery in the deepest canyon in North America.

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We fish some of the most spectacular wilderness in the country. Mountain River Outfitters is permitted for more river miles in Idaho than any other fishing outfitter. If the conditions are not great on one section we can get you to the fish on another. We operate both jet boats, rafts and drift boats to make sure you get the best experience possible and to allow us to get places no one else goes.

  • Where to meet

    Check-in at the Mountain River Outdoor Center at 6:45am mountain time in Riggins. Here you will get directions to Pittsburgh Landing on the Snake River about an hour drive from Riggins, your boat and guide will be waiting.

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Check-in and get a cup of coffee at our headquarters in Riggins around 7:00am they will have detailed directions to Pittsburgh Landing if you need them. The jet boat and captain will be waiting for you at the boat ramp at Pittsburgh Landing a 45 mile drive north of Riggins.

The jet boat and captain are at your disposal for the day, we usually start picking up a few bass just around the corner from the ramp that will serve as sturgeon bait throughout the day. We provide a nice lunch that can be enjoyed on the boat while fishing a sturgeon hole or riverside. Many enjoy the warm water for swimming during the day. We can stop at a few historical sites along the way or just keep reeling in the bass it is up to you.

Hells Canyon is awesome in every way, the best year around fishing in Idaho. The Snake River offers consistent water temperatures to give it the highest fish per mile river section anywhere. Choose from warm water Bass, prehistoric Sturgeon in the summer months or ocean run King Salmon or Steelhead in the fall.

hells canyon map of pittsburgh landing

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